Memorizing Scriptures 
to Get Ready for the Loud Cry


A <Week 1>

You Learn
Book, Chapter & Verse #
& Review
without Question
or with Question

Learn A (Days 1-2)Learn A (Days 1-2)
Review A (Days 1-7)Review A (Days 1-7)
Review A (Days 1-7) with QuestionReview A (Days 1-7) with Question

You say 7 Repetitions
(to learn Scripture Text
word perfect)
& Review Scripture Text

Learn A (Days 3-7)Learn A (Days 3-7)
Review A (Days 3-7) with QReview A (Days 3-7) with Q


B <Week 2>

Learn B (Days 1-2)Learn B (Days 1-2)
Review B (Days 1-7)Review B (Days 1-7)
Review B (Days 1-7) with QReview B (Days 1-7) with Q
Learn B (Days 3-7)Learn B (Days 3-7)
Review B (Days 3-7) with QReview B (Days 3-7) with Q


C <Week 3>

Learn C (Days 1-2)Learn C (Days 1-2)
Review C (Days 1-7)Review C (Days 1-7)
Review C (Days 1-7) with QReview C (Days 1-7) with Q
Learn C (Days 3-7)Learn C (Days 3-7)
Review C (Days 3-7) with QReview C (Days 3-7) with Q


D <Week 4>

Learn D (Days 1-2)Learn D (Days 1-2)
Review D (Days 1-7)Review D (Days 1-7)
Review D (Days 1-7) with QReview D (Days 1-7) with Q
Learn D (Days 3-7)Learn D (Days 3-7)
Review D (Days 3-7) with QReview D (Days 3-7) with Q


E <Week 5>

Learn E (Days 1-2)Learn E (Days 1-2)
Review E (Days 1-7)Review E (Days 1-7)
Review E (Days 1-7) with QReview E (Days 1-7) with Q
Learn E (Days 3-7)Learn E (Days 3-7)
Review E (Days 3-7) with QReview E (Days 3-7) with Q