Memorizing Scriptures 
to Get Ready for the Loud Cry


K (Week 11)

Learn & Review
Book, Chapter & Verse #

Learn K (Days 1-2)Learn K (Days 1-2)
Review K (Days 1-7)Review K (Days 1-7)
Review K (Days 1-7) with QReview K (Days 1-7) with Q

7 Repetitions
& Review Scripture Text

Learn K (Days 3-7)Learn K (Days 3-7)
Review K (Days 3-7) with QReview K (Days 3-7) with Q


L (Week 12)

Learn L (Days 1-2)Learn L (Days 1-2)
Review L (Days 1-7)Review L (Days 1-7)
Review L (Days 1-7) with QReview L (Days 1-7) with Q
Learn L (Days 3-7)Learn L (Days 3-7)
Review B (Days 3-7) with QReview B (Days 3-7) with Q


M (Week 13)

Learn M (Days 1-2)Learn M (Days 1-2)
Review M (Days 1-7)Review M (Days 1-7)
Review M (Days 1-7) with QReview M (Days 1-7) with Q
Learn M (Days 3-7)Learn M (Days 3-7)
Review M (Days 3-7) with QReview M (Days 3-7) with Q


N (Week 14)

Learn N (Days 1-2)Learn N (Days 1-2)
Review N (Days 1-7)Review N (Days 1-7)
Review N (Days 1-7) with QReview N (Days 1-7) with Q
Learn N (Days 3-7)Learn N (Days 3-7)
Review N (Days 3-7) with QReview N (Days 3-7) with Q


O (Week 15)

Learn O (Days 1-2)Learn O (Days 1-2)
Review O (Days 1-7)Review O (Days 1-7)
Review O (Days 1-7) with QReview O (Days 1-7) with Q
Learn O (Days 3-7)Learn O (Days 3-7)
Review O (Days 3-7) with QReview O (Days 3-7) with Q