The BibleRICH mission is to help Seventh-day Adventists be able to give the Loud Cry final warning message to the world by helping them to learn and memorize 144 three angels' messages scriptures utilizing the BibleRICH technique with picture clues or the traditional way.

Our Story

It was very difficult for Johanna to memorize scriptures. Her daughters would just smile when she would get the words all mixed up. In 2005, she was taking a class & trying to memorize 12 verses & could not get them memorized. She started praying about it & God impressed her to say them everyday. By the 5th day, she had them all memorized. She was so excited about God showing her how to memorize & memorized over 2,500 scriptures in the next 2 years.

Then in 2007, God did another thing. Johanna was memorizing Jude 1:7 about Sodom & Gomorrah. One morning she woke up & a voice was speaking to her. "You don't know where Sodom & Gomorrah is," it said. Johanna was shocked as she began to realize the truth of the statement. She had no idea where the story of Sodom & Gomorrah could be found in the Bible. She immediately decided that she needed to find all of the major events of the Bible & memorize their location by book & chapter.

After memorizing about 25 events, Johanna asked her daughter to quiz her on her newly acquired knowledge. To Johanna's dismay, her daughter asked her about events the locations of which she had not memorized. This prompted her to memorize the highlights of every Bible chapter. Johanna devised a way to easily remember where people, places, & events were in the Bible by summarizing chapters & associating them with creative clues.

As Johanna began to find & learn these chapter highlights, her daughter joined her in her quest for memorization. As both Johanna & her daughter began to learn these chapter highlights, it was not long before their friends began to notice their newly acquired knowledge. Soon these friends asked Johanna if she could teach them, as well. In response, Johanna began a class called the 
RICH (Remembering Important Chapter Highlights) class.

While teaching a youth version of one of these 
RICH classes in 2008, Johanna found that her students had trouble with only short words & clues. So she drew a picture for each chapter with the chapter number in it to help with their memorizing, & it worked. The students found associating each chapter with a picture very helpful. Soon it was apparent that many people wanted to be able to access the RICH class's resources online. As the RICH class developed & incorporated into a website, a more descriptive name was needed. So the program got a new name, BibleRICH.

In 2012 God impressed Johanna that she could know where everything was in Exodus, but could not give the Loud Cry. So she began putting together similar pictures for the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines, until she had 1,500 ready.  Then when the pandemic hit. Johanna was impressed there was not enough time to get all these scriptures online. She was impressed to go through all of them & choose the very top, most important scriptures that give the most evidence to support & explain the 3 angels' messages. When she got through, she had 143 & thought, now she could put in the encouraging scripture, "them that honour me, I will honour" 1 Samuel 2:30, that she had wanted to add in at the end, to arrive at 144 scriptures for the 144,000.

In 2018, Dan joined the 
BibleRICH mission with his technical talents producing & publishing the BibleRICH videos.

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